Reviews and Testimonials

Having worked with Emma several times on a variety of projects, I can without reservation recommend her.

Emma is experienced in event organization applying her knowledge with care and precision to each and every detail.

Additionally, Emma is highly considerate of her client and is always respectful of the clients requirements whilst offering advice based in her wide experience.

Working with Emma is very pleasant , she is calm cheerful and enthusiastic. 

You can be assured of a flawless and stress free event with Emma quietly and confidently achieving perfection for you, your clients or friends.

Veronica RocksSharing Shetland

Emma was appointed the Event Co-ordinator for a new and unique festival, Shetland Boat Week, and in that role she has brought about a thoroughly successful week-long celebration of Shetland’s maritime culture. This has received justifiable Shetland–wide acclaim, yet was established in the remarkable space of just two years.

She achieved this by working closely with her team of colleagues and volunteer helpers, tirelessly, cheerfully, and always with unfaltering vision and an openness to ideas both large and small. Her remit included successfully seeking and managing funding, planning in detail an elaborate list of events, liaising with all participants and with the full range of media representatives, and organising publicity for the event on many fronts.

I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed Emma’s work at close quarters, and look forward to any opportunity to work again with her on future projects. I heartily commend her to any group or individual considering any form of event management, large or small, and long or short term.

Brian WishartHead Teacher (Retired) & Trustee of Swan Trust
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Emma established Shetland Boat Week in 2016 while working with Shetland Amenity Trust. The first year saw an ambitious but modest programme of maritime heritage based events held over one week in August. With colleague and community support, the festival grew in 2017, with a 100% increase in the number of traditional boats involved, 37% more ticket sales and an increase of 491% of people getting out in a boat. The range and locations for events also increased due to demand and support from local businesses and groups.

It has been great working with Emma on Shetland Boat Week since its inception. It was so important to have the cooking of fish high on the agenda and the iconic boat store in 2016 and the boat shed in 2017 were ideal venues.

This major new event broke new ground in 2016 and Emma forged through all the challenges of locations, a hugely diverse pool of folk as well as the boats themselves and created a truly memorable week – and she had to adapt for the all too unpredictable Shetland Weather.

Marian ArmitageAward-winning cookery book author and Chair of Shetland Food and Drink Association

I have worked with Emma on a number of projects where we were wishing to seek public engagement or advertising an event. As well as providing sound advice, quickly and efficiently, Emma always completed the task with a smile on her face. Nothing was too much trouble. I am already missing her presence!

Paul HarveyNatural Heritage Officer, Shetland Amenity Trust
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Shetland Wool Week was established in 2010. The first event was pulled together in less than four weeks with a very small team, which remained small even as the event grew each year and became more successful. Shetland Wool Week now includes hundreds of events during the week, brings hundreds of people from all around the world to Shetland every September and has a year round following online.

We first worked together on the fine lace project in September 2010 when I approached Jimmy Moncreiff about combining this with Shetland Wool Week. In your role as marketing manager it was you that was instrumental in achieving this. You had little time to do this and your hard work and marketing skill started off the only major success story of Shetland wool.

Oliver HenryJamieson & Smith (Shetland Wool Brokers) Ltd.

‘’Emma has been our principal point of contact on a range of Shetland based activities and in particular I have been pleased to work with her in supporting Shetland Boat Week.

Shetland has been well served by Emma’s enthusiasm in presenting as a very welcoming and hugely well informed marketing and tourism professional, reaching out for instance to the Portsoy Boat Festival and opening new opportunities for Shetland business as a consequence.’


Stuart GarrettManaging Director, NorthLink Ferries

The celebrated success of Shetland Boat Week 2017 was largely thanks to Emma. From chairing planning meetings through to co-ordinating the event itself Emma inspired everyone involved – sponsors, committee, volunteers and the participating public – to make it a memorable week.

Robert WishartSBW Committee Member and Shetland Times Director