Regardless of the time and resource requirements of your project or event, we can provide you with a proposal to make it happen - from planning through to delivery and review.

At Réalta Events Management, we approach events and projects from a similar planning perspective.

We begin with our client’s need to achieve an outcome. Whether that be attendance numbers for a specified activity, publication of a document or resource, or a change in process with improved efficiency; our goal is to achieve your outcome through detailed planning and attentive application of action.

Starting with an initial consultation, we will establish your requirements and develop your customised event or project proposal to meet your desired outcome.

We have wide and diverse experience in project management ranging from delivery of a functional, populated Facebook page to management of an ongoing contract for business support and public engagement activities. Event management skills are varied too, from AGM management to small and large public events on a scale of several, hundreds or thousands of participants.

Please view the sub-sections within this page for more details on different types of events or projects we can help you with. The examples listed are not exhaustive – if you have a project or event management need, get in touch to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to help.