Itinerary Management

Putting together an itinerary for yourself, or others, can be a tedious process. If you are, or you have, a visitor coming to Shetland for business, or pleasure, then let us design a bespoke itinerary to make the most of your time.

Itinerary Management

Working in the essential aspects for business travellers, such as meetings or site visits, we can also arrange interactive visits to suitable visitor attractions and sites, with a guide where required. Short on time? No problem –  whether the trip is one day, or a full week, we will customise an itinerary to suit your budget and any particular requests.

The team at Réalta Events have years of experience in the heritage and tourism sector; giving them a wide range of contacts to approach for guided tours of all areas of Shetland, but also for more tailored activities not normally offered to the public.The business owner is also Chairperson of the Shetland Tourism Association.

Shetland has so many opportunities for immersing yourself in nature, culture and heritage. If you, or your visitor are making the effort to travel here, make it worthwhile. Timetabling the small details is what makes an otherwise unremarkable trip into a memorable experience.