Project Management

In a busy organisation everyone has their own workload and it can often be difficult to identify a staff member to deliver on an additional short-term or new project. This applies equally to the public and private sectors.

Project Management

Engage us to work with you and your staff, and we will provide project management services in order to deliver solutions and outcome goals within your deadline.

You may still be planning elements of your project and we can help with that too. Our team has previously helped to develop Cost Plans and Business Plans for clients, often with the initial research and consulation work inlcuded as part of the project. Let us help you develop your business idea to present to investors, the public or Board of Directors.

While we do not have specialist knowledge of individual technical industries, (i.e. oil and gas processes or engineering practices) we can engage with projects where sufficient information is provided, or a non-technical input is preferred for objectivity and innovation – only where this is appropriate and safe.

Project management is often about attention to detail in the planning and delivery stages and that is what we can offer – in addition to regular communication with the appointed lead contact and staff or clients where required.

Projects may include

  • Developing content and options for a new website, or consolidating an existing site
  • Carrying out a review of an existing service
  • Planning and delivery of a specific task within your organisation
  • Implementation and training on a new software or operating system
  • Research projects
  • Public or specific community consultation projects
  • Planning and delivery of stock take, office move or recruitment drive