Event Management

Event Management is a detailed and concise process. Anticipating challenges, problem solving and people management are all issues we can deal with on your behalf.

Event Management

Arranging an event is a time-consuming process. If you and your staff are already busy in your day to day work, there often isn’t time to spare to give appropriate levels of attention and planning to bring together an event, even when it can be a vital promotional or operational element of a project.

Business owner, Emma, has over twenty years of experience in events of all scales, and will use this experience to ensure your next event is a success.  Our team are accomplished at planning and delivering large scale events such as Shetland Wool Week and the Shetland Food and Drink Festival. The team also has a background in conference and seminar management.

At our initial meeting, we will discuss your requirements, anticipated audience, desired outcomes and scale. To follow up, you will be provided with a detailed proposal for your event. Attention to detail is important in planning any event and requires consideration of more than just audience and information content. The venue, catering, welcome and overall experience is important – and these are the details that we will ensure are absolutely right for your requirements and guests.

The contacts, experience and local knowledge of our team will ensure that we can identify the most suitable venue for your requirements and go the extra mile to make it special with additional entertainment, activity or promotional materials where required.


Events which may be of interest to a commercial client include:

  • New product or service presentation
  • Promotional Open Day for factory or other premises
  • Business dinner for staff or customers – including charity events
  • Service industry seminar or showcase
  • Industry conference

Examples of events which may appeal to smaller businesses or public sector clients include:

  • Book launch
  • Family fun day
  • Activity based festival or extended occasion
  • New venue opening
  • Public meeting
  • Showcase events or public information seminars