Planning Bid for Tall Ships 2023

Published on: Feb 12, 2019

Réalta Events Management has started work on a Cost Plan, on behalf of Shetland Tall Ships, as part of the bid to bring the popular Tall Ships race back to Shetland in 2023.

Planning Bid for Tall Ships 2023

The company which was set up to deliver the 2011 event, Shetland Tall Ships 2011 Ltd, has contracted Réalta Events to put together an initial Cost Plan by mid March. This will be worked into a Business Plan and presented to funders and statutory bodies in order to ascertain whether the islands can go ahead with a formal bid to host the prestigious event.

In addition to cost, any bid will also depend on other potential port bids which will determine the route of the 2023 race. If viable, the bid will be submitted in 2020.

In developing the Cost Plan, Réalta staff will be contacting a range of local and national providers to request quotes in the coming weeks. If you believe your business has a service which may be required, please get in touch to discuss your provision and costs.

Commenting on this job, Emma said "This is a fantastic project to be working on. It's a perfect fit for Réalta, as it ties in so well with the work I do with the tourism industry and also what we do with the town centre and Shetland Boat Week. The Tall Ships race is a hugely significant event for any community and it provides exceptional life experiences to the young sail trainees from all host ports. I really hope we are able to attract this event back to Shetland for 2023."